Fireball Energy Drink

What is Fireball Energy Drink

The increasing demands of daily life have not only make people more tired but also left less time for important tasks like sleeping and eating. Energy drinks were developed to meet this style of life. Therefore, energy drinks quickly found a very receptive market because they offer both stimulant energy and vitamins.

Fireball is an energy drink which supplies the body with Taurine, Caffeine, Vitamins and Carbohydrates. It is specially formulated to provide a delicious taste for energy drink lovers.

Fireball Energy Drink is a strong flavoured energy drink that offers a great refreshing taste and is designed to revive body and mind especially at times of stress after intense activity. Positioned as both an energy boosting and life-style drink. Fireball Energy Drink gives additional energy for everyday activities.

The product is packed in printed carton tray of 24 pieces of 250 ml slim cans. Fireball also has varieties of 500 ml aluminium cans packed in shrink wrapped of 12 pieces and 1000 ml pet bottle packed in shrink wrapped of 12 pieces. It has different languages including English and Arabic on the package.

Fireball Energy Drink Brand is now being sold in 27 countries including mainly Netherlands, Denmark, France and Germany. We are ready to team up with business partners/agents in other potential markets.

Fireball Energy Drink is gaining new enthusiastic customers every day. So it is matter of time when you are going to join the party.